New App: Today’s Kicks

New App: Today’s Kicks

I am super pumped to announce a new app today: Today’s Kicks.

First, get it at the app store.

This app was a collaboration between a bunch of amazing New York City startup people, and I am most proud of it specifically for that reason. The group includes: Eric Friedman (foursquare), Phin Barnes (First Round), Brian Kalma (fmr. Zappos), Rebecca Zhou (TechStars Design Genius) and the ever-talented Jason Gavris (my co-founder).

I have been super bullish on Twitter since I signed up in late 2008, and have wanted to contribute to the ecosystem in a new and interesting way ever since.  There are tons of great clients out there, but using the Twitter ecosystem to foster niche communities is something that hasn’t been explored too deeply.

The #todayskicks hashtag has been around since 2007 (thanks Phin for starting it) and has remained a loosely organized movement ever since, with a steady 200 or so people posting photos of their kicks every single day.

We wondered - is there a way, potentially, to take advantage of Twitter’s deep integration with iOS5 to deepen and strengthen the ties within the #todayskicks community? Or any community? We say yes.

The reason why I personally was so keen to build something like this is because there are *also* plenty of interesting opportunities here re: mobile commerce. Don’t worry…”BUY THESE KICKS” button is in the works.

It has been a super fun experience and I am exited to hear your feedback, or at the *very* least, see some of your best kicks.

Download link:

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