Fact-Checking the NY Post


Nice listicle today in an article in the NY Post on “New York Tech Giants”.

Problem is that it is filled with either half-truths or straight-up errors. Is this a common thing?  I get it that the NY Post isn’t Mashable and doesn’t write about this stuff every day but surely someone there should know that foursquare isn’t an e-commerce company.  Maybe my expectations are too high or I am too critical?


"FourSquare Location E-Com" — foursquare is misspelled and is not an e-commerce company. They have little revenue except for maybe the fact that they sell foursquare shirts on their website, though that’s hardly a defining characteristic of the company. 

"AppNexus Web Services" — web services?  What does this even mean?  That they do shit on the internets?  Yes, I suppose that’s fitting, but if you need to summarize the company in three words maybe "advertising" somewhere in there would help. "Real-time ad platform" is clearly too advanced.

 ”Squarespace Web Developement”  Web development implies a dev shop — a group of people who make website for other people.  Squarespace is not this.  Squarespace makes *software* that helps individuals make websites on their own. Big difference - one is scalable, the other is not.

"Adkeeper Web Ad Development"  Adkeeper does not make ads. "Ad Development" implies that they are somehow involved in the process of making advertisements for the web, which they in no way are.  They make software that allows consumers to save advertisements, which is tangentially related to "Ad Development", kinda.

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